Are you ready to communicate your story and brand message with confidence?

Does this sound familiar? You set aside time to write but you end up staring at the blank screen with a feeling of unease, overwhelming self-doubt and you're just plain confused about where to start?

Hey, I’ve been there girlfriend!

It’s not fun and you end up writing something that feels forced and not authentic to who you are. 

Three years ago when I wrote my very first book I knew what I wanted to write down to every last detail (planner here!) but when it came to writing it I felt blocked.

Questions arised like, how am I meant to write? What’s my writing style? I don’t know what to write. What will people think? How do I explain this? And so many more! Those questions and the procrastination really held me back.

Imagine being able to communicate your story and message with confidence minus the confusion...sounds pretty magical, right?


Uncover Your Daring Story

A complete journey for navigating your story, discovering your unique writing style and turning your words into a brand story. Designed for budding authors and personal brand business owners, this coaching is made especially for you.

Together we can

- Uncover your Daring Story without self-doubt
- Unleash your unique writing voice with ease
- Craft your storytelling to engage your audience
- Discover your book
- Bring your powerful brand messaging to life
- Create a writing routine that works for you
- Take away procrastinating and replace it with flow
- Create a signature writing structure
- Deeply connect with your audience through your words
- Build connection with your words
- Communicate your story with confidence
- Take away the unease of writing and replace it with fun!

This is for you if you are writing for any of the following mediums: a book, your social media channels, or your website.

Why am I different to other
writing coaches?

Having written and published nine books in the past three years, I put myself exactly in your shoes and I know all about those blockages that pull you back from communicating your story. Because I have been there too, I have felt the fear of telling your story, I’ve navigated through being vulnerable and I’ve found writing voice.

When we communicate from a place of pure authenticity people are drawn to your words and to you as a human being.

By the end of our time together, you will have your unique writing voice, confidence in your writing style and communicate your words with so much confidence. 

Uncover your Daring Story is perfect for you if you are ready to discover your writing style and probably not for you if you’re not ready to open yourself up to being vulnerable.

Brand Voice Strategy Call

The Journey:

We begin with a supportive 1:1, 90 minute power session for articulating your brand voice. Designed for budding authors, creatives and coaches this session is tailored to your specific needs, wherever you may be with your writing. In this session we will dive into your brand, unleash your unique writing voice and the best part is it’s tailor-made to where you are at.

What's Included:

– 90 minute 1:1 Zoom call with Jenna

– A tailor-made resource to support you with your writing


$147.00 due upon booking

Daring Story 3-month Coaching Journey

The Journey:

A powerful 1:1, 3-month coaching journey for getting clear on your story, discovering your brand messaging and finding your writing voice. We begin our 3-month coaching journey with a one hour session to connect, set intentions and start the beautiful journey together. Six powerful one hour calls that are tailored to exactly where you are at in your writing journey. With on-going support between our calls for magical expansion. Additional worksheets and resources as needed. This is a complete transformative writing journey.

What's Included:

– x6, one hour 1:1 Zoom calls with Jenna

– On-going support between calls

– Additional worksheets and resources


$1,500 or payment plan options are available

To begin this Daring journey book in your complimentary discovery call below.

Hey there, I’m Jenna — your writing coach!

Having written and self published nine books, I know it can feel daunting and the fear of not knowing where to start. 

I’m a USA Today bestselling author and writing coach for budding authors, creatives & coaches ready to write their story and communicate their ideas through the written word.

Most days you can find me writing out the stories that take over my mind, supporting people to write their way to bravery and creating empowering content.

Growing up I didn’t know who I was or who I wanted to be. I remember doing things I regretted just to be cool, following the crowd just to fit in and not feeling strong enough to say no and go my own way. I became someone that I didn’t like or know, that’s when writing became my saviour. I used writing as my outlet to express myself and discover my true self. That’s why I am so passionate about helping people like you to find yourself through writing because I know how much power the written word has. ​

If you are ready to take the first steps in your daring journey, I am here to support you.

With love,

Jenna Lee


Let’s make sure Daring Story is perfect for you

If you are wanting to write your story, I recommend that you have a general idea of your story and the overall theme. We can work together to bring your book to life.

No, this is also for supporting you with your writing whether it’s for your brand’s website and/or social media platforms.

No, as long as you have the imagination and the passion to write your story. All excellent writers start at the beginning and the best way to improve is by practicing each day.

Via Zoom video conferencing, you will be sent links before each session. 

Read more kind words from clients

  • Jenna went the extra mile, especially with scheduling times to meet, with the 9 hour time difference. She is very enthusiastic and supportive and gave me that extra (kick in the but) that I sometimes needed. With her dedication I I’m happy to announce that I’m already 28 chapters into my book and I hope to release it by the end of this year.

    – Jen
  • I loved that no matter what self-doubts I threw out there, Jenna had a new perspective to offer, and tips and strategies to try. I loved how Jenna taught me the importance and effectiveness of self-esteem journaling for checking in with yourself and for grounding and building confidence. I loved how Jenna asked me to feel into my goals at the beginning of each session to ensure alignment and connection. And most of all, I love that Jenna is a fellow youth mentor, so she “gets” my business and the vision and magic I’m wishing to create.

    – Noelle
  • I believe that being coached by Jenna has ultimately helped me to improve my confidence, try new things and put my ideas into practice. Jenna also helped me to uncover and address some underlying fears that I hadn’t realised were holding me back. She also encouraged me to think about and explore other options that I hadn’t thought about prior to starting my coaching with her.

    – Pip