Jenna Daring is a dark romance author living in Melbourne, Australia. When she's not writing strong female characters or alpha males she's dreaming up the next thing, coaching or reading.

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Tens: The Invitation

Tens: The hottest, wealthiest, and most elite at Grand Ridge University.

Grand Ridge University is run by four men: Forrest, Apollo, Riggs, and Darwin. They’re spoiled, entitled, and have no idea about real-world struggles. But if I’m not careful, they’ll suck me into their lifestyle, and I’m not interested in becoming one of them.

Yet that doesn’t stop them from inviting me to become a Ten. They want me to join them and to accept my family’s legacy, except when I find out the rules, I have no intention of taking a reigning crown. And rejection isn’t something they’re expecting.

If they think I’ll submit, they’re sorely mistaken. They can try to break me and teach me a lesson, but they better be prepared for a fight because their silly games don’t scare me—they just make me want to get even.

They’d better watch their backs because I’m coming for them.

Tens – The Invitation is the first book in the Grand Ridge University series. This book is a why choose series and contains light bullying. Expect some dark themes throughout.